Letter to Supporters – Spring 2015

Hello Supporters:

Hope you all have weathered the winter well and are welcoming Spring with open arms.

Well another year has passed and we continue try to get our message out on RIGHT TO LIFE.

Our Mission is:

  • To encourage among the general public an understanding and appreciation of the dignity and worth of each human life without regard to status or circumstances.
  • To foster respect for human life from conception until natural death and respect for the defenseless, the incompetent, the impaired and the incapacitated.
  • To promote and encourage court decisions and the passage of legislation which will protect all human life in accordance with the above objectives.

We continue to strive to work on our mission.

With another year passing it is time to renew our DUES so that we can continue our mission.

The Dues for 2015 is still $15 for a single or $25 for a Family.

Please mail in your dues to the following address:

Madison Co. Right to Life
PO Box 361
Richmond, KY 40475

Our newsletter will be coming out soon with a lot of information, including the announcement of our Annual Meeting which promises to be a great one.

Thanking you in advance for your support and prayers


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